When weaving hemp into fabric, the magic explodes.  Hemp fabric is durable, breathable, absorbent, UV resistant and has amazing anti-microbial properties.  Some European hospitals are using hemp bedding to reduce the spread of infections.

Can you imagine combining the power of jeans and hemp!?  Hemp carries environmentally-friendly properties as well, needing 1 acre land for growth vs 4 acres for cotton. The industrious plant requires no pesticides and less water per growing season than "the fabric of our lives."  Growing hemp ads nitrates back into the soil.  Did you know 50% of harsh chemicals are used in cultivating cotton?  It can take more than 20,000 liters (5,000 gallons) of water to produce 1kg (2 pounds) of cotton, the equivalent of a single T-shirt and pair of jeans. As one of the most “thirsty” crops, cotton is heavily irrigated and is depleting our limited freshwater sources.

For 1000's of years industrial hemp was used to produce durable textiles in massive quantities. Hemp fabric is said not to wear out, and soften over time. Its fiber can be woven into light materials for clothing, durable textiles for commercial industrial purposes, and even into very strong ropes and cables for heavy lifting and pulling. Unlike cotton, hemp holds its strength when wet.

Titan Hemp stands for sustainable commodities, its our goal to inspire individuals to turn a new leaf and integrate hemp in their clothing. Trends are moving toward more sustainable fabrics and philanthropic consumerism.

Creativity and innovation is what propels Titan Hemp as a business.

We want everyone to have that same vision for our future, and not be afraid to offer sustainability along with quality.